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DesigningVashti Lotus Yarn in a variety of put ups: large 256-yd balls, 6-ball bags, 1-lb cones, 2-lb cones, and "Snacks": 85-yd pull-cakes.


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It's here: DesigningVashti crochet yarns!

Our first new yarn is Lotus, a double-sized center-pull ball of sport weight cotton with rayon (viscose) for silky sheen and drape. Click here to find out why we're excited about it!

New for fall 2014: Our special purchase of Treat imported merino yarn, a soft, kettle-dyed Z-twisted medium weight wool. 

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Fashionable Crochet Patterns 

"My goal is to offer exciting crochet yarns, and to publish crochet patterns that meet or exceed the standards of pattern publishing today. These professionally written and edited patterns aim to include every kind of crocheter.Choose from original crochet patterns designed by Vashti Braha, and the exclusive DJC line of patterns by Doris Chan. All patterns are instantly downloadable PDF's. New patterns are being added often! Scroll down to see the newest additions.

"As an independent ("indie") pattern publisher, I am delighted to offer my crochet designs directly to fellow crocheters. I've also created a special place for my good friend Doris Chan's own pattern lineDJC Designs. I have always loved her designs and pattern writing style. Thank you for visiting."  

-- Vashti Braha

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