Why are Doris Chan and Vashti Braha excited about Lotus yarn?

New designs by Doris Chan for Lotus Yarn!

- It's spun in a final "Z-Twist" (counterclockwise) direction for superior compatibility with crochet. For most crocheters this reduces "splitting" (that's when the crochet hook splits the plies - catches on only some of its strands during crocheting). Crocheting with a z-twisted yarn speeds up crocheting, looks prettier, and the yarn stays new-looking longer. The average plied yarn available in the US today is spun with a final "S-Twist" instead (clockwise direction). 

The fiber blending and plying characteristics of Lotus interact beautifully with crochet stitches.

- It blends 52% Cotton with 48% Rayon in a special way. The rayon (a.k.a. viscose from plant fibers) adds shimmer. Cotton keeps it from feeling too limp and slippery. Spritz with water later and the rayon's silky drape comes out, while the cotton fibers plump a bit to create beautiful pearly stitches.

- It's a double-size ball (and 1-pound cones are coming soon). Each 3.5 oz/100g ball has 256 yds/235 m. 

- Almost NO Mill Knots! It's proudly made in an American mill that also serves the fashion industry.

- The starting yarn end at the center of each ball is HOOK READY: It's waiting for you because we've attached it to the yarn label.

- It's a versatile "sport weight" thickness (equivalent to #2 Fine Weight; a.k.a. "Light DK"). Use it for many of your favorite patterns; see below. 

- It comes in 14 colors! We never have to worry about someone discontinuing this yarn, in fact more colors are planned.

- Machine wash and dry Lotus on a gentle setting with like colors. As with most fashion fabrics, hand washing and air drying will extend its life. 

 Low shipping rates: Four balls or more ship Priority for a flat $5 anywhere in the USA. One to three balls ship for less than $5 at actual First Class USPS rates. International customers: shipping outside of the US is not yet available; we're working on it! 

Patterns to Use With Lotus Yarn

We're designing up a storm with Lotus! To find out about new patterns, subscribe to Crochet Inspirations newsletter.

How to Substitute Lotus Yarn: Start with the crochet hook size called for in the pattern. If it falls in a range of US-5 (F/3.75 mm) to US-7 (G/4.50 mm), then look next at the type of yarn. If it's primarily cotton or rayon (a.k.a. viscose, bamboo, tencel) and looks smooth, chances are great that Lotus will give you the results you're looking for. We carefully tailored Lotus Yarn to crochet for exciting crochet results, but of course you will love knitting and weaving with it too!

Need advice about substituting Lotus for a specific crochet pattern? Doris Chan Crochet forumVashti's Crochet Lounge forum

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Doris successfully crocheted her Jolimar Skirt with Lotus and a US-8 (H) hook. It was originally designed with Naturallycaron Spa (a discontinued yarn) and a US-9 (I/6 mm) hook. 

 Lotus is...crochet enlightenment.