We're proud to offer two very special kinds of yarn: Lotus and Jelly Yarn®

DesigningVashti Lotus Yarn on one-pound cones

Lotus Yarn  is our signature fashion crochet yarn in fifteen colors. Doris Chan and I found an American mill that uses domestic cotton, and we worked with them to develop this yarn for us exclusively. Lotus is a polished sport weight blend that is smoothly "Z-twisted" (counterclockwise spun). 

We package it ourselves in five amounts—from cones to sample skeins. New: Z-Bombe size (one-pound cones)! They were a hit at the recent crochet conference.

Patterns for Lotus Yarn: Click to see all of the crochet patterns we currently have for Lotus yarn (a few knit patterns too).

Glow in the dark Jelly Yarn®!

Jelly Yarn® We're pleased to offer all three sizes and fourteen colors of the unique and exciting Jelly Yarn®. We have the glow in the dark Jelly Yarn®! We have the clear, the glittery metallic, and the blacklight reactive.

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