Exclusive and Stylish Crochet-Friendly Yarns

DesigningVashti Lotus Yarn in two amounts: original Large center-pull cake of 256 yds per 100 g ball, and 85-yd. Lotus "Snacks."

Lotus Yarn comes in two amounts and fourteen colors so far. Over the next week or two, we're excited to be adding more sizes, from sample balls to jumbo cones!

Lotus is a polished sport weight blend that is smoothly "Z-twisted" (counterclockwise spun). Doris Chan and I found an American mill that uses domestic cotton, and we worked with them to develop this yarn.

DesigningVashti Treat yarn: Premium imported merino wool, Z-twisted medium weight. 219 yds/200 m per 3.5 oz/100 g center-pull cake.

Our Lotus Yarn offers what we both consider to be an ideal drape and polish. The rayon is blended into the cotton plies in a way that adds a sophisticated sheen. It responds to wet-blocking (and even just light mist blocking) for a beautiful finish. 

Treat Yarn is premium quality imported merino wool that we'll be bringing out in several sizes and textures over the next few weeks. 

We couldn't resist a special purchase of these buttery Treat yarns! We have several colors and textures in limited amounts. The merino wool comes from happy sheep – "happy" as in ethically raised (certified organic grazing; no mulesing).

Treat feels buttery to crochet because of the wool's very fine micron count, and its soft twist. Use it like you would use a cashmere yarn: for gift projects and special items. 

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