Tulip Etimo Steel Crochet Hook Set, Gold or Silver

A set of 8 steel crochet hooks with Tulip's special Etimo elastomer comfort grip handles in a pretty lavender blue color. Case includes high grade Italian needlecraft scissors.
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  • Item #: TulipSetEtimoSteel
  • Manufacturer: Tulip

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A set of eight steel crochet hooks with Tulip's special Etimo elastomer comfort grip handles in a pretty lavender blue color. The striped cushioned case has an inner zippered pocket that holds a ruler, two needles, and sharp high grade Italian needlecraft scissors (included).

Choose either the Premium Gold set or the Royal Silver set from the options at the bottom of the page. The only difference between these two sets is whether the luxury scissors have gold or silver handles. All crochet hooks are made of fine stainless steel in Tulip's factory in Hiroshima, Japan. The needles and scissors are nickel-coated steel.

The Eight Steel Crochet Hook Sizes in this set in order of smallest to largest size (labeled sizes vary widely among different brands of steel hooks (and time of manufacture).

  • 0.50 mm (Generally a size #14 steel hook)
  • 0.60 mm (Generally a size #13 or #14 steel hook)
  • 0.75 mm (Generally a size #11 or #12)
  • 0.90 mm (Between size #10 and #12)
  • 1.00 mm (Generally a size #9 or #10)
  • 1.25 mm (Generally a size #8)
  • 1.50 mm (Generally a size #7)
  • 1.75 mm (Between size #3 and #5)

The soft vinyl case unfolds to open, and snaps closed. Each crochet hook has its own elastic slot and comes with a good-fitting tube cap to protect the hook head. These caps are made of a nicer type of plastic than other caps I have from other brands. These caps don't readily crack, scratch, or stretch out.

Scroll down to see more steel crochet hook sets. Each set is durable, charming, and smartly designed because it's made by the Tulip Needle Company. Note that the Classic 4 Set contains 5 steel crochet hook sizes as well as 8 larger aluminum hook sizes. 

We also offer these Etimo steel hooks separately hereMany have copied Tulip's exciting Etimo crochet hook. Tulip's handles are the original and still the best! Some imitations feel plastic-y, sticky, or smell like rubber tires.

Wondering about using seed beads with these steel hooks? Bead hole sizes and labeling vary among manufacturers, colors, finishes, and also within the same bead batch. The mm. size of a crochet hook does not typically measure the girth of the hook tip, so a crochet hook made in a different style, or at a different time within the same brand might coordinate differently with bead sizes.

Try to use the biggest crochet hook size for the job, if you are adding beads to a lace weight yarn project. This reduces snagging any partially slicing through delicate fibers.

  • Seed bead size 1° or 1/0 (a.k.a. "jumbo seed bead") fits almost 100% of the time onto the 1.75 mm Sucre Bead Crochet Hook.
  • Seed bead size 6° or 6/0 (a.k.a. "E-bead") fits almost 100% of the time onto the 1.25 mm Sucre Bead Crochet Hook.

The holes of seed beads can be a bit irregular within the same batch. The heads of these bead hooks, compared to other Tulip steel crochet hooks I tested, have a shape that makes them fit easier through seed beads. I could feel the difference more than see it as I tried slipping several beads of different sizes and brands onto the hooks.

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