Sparkle Love Knot Lariat: Quick Crochet Jewelry

Bead crochet a lariat necklace that's metal-free. Love Knot stitch is Lover’s Knot, Knot Stitch, Solomon’s Knot. A quick and easy to crochet cord.
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  • Item #: 2-J8109BL
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

Bead crochet a lariat necklace for metal-free jewelry. Love Knot stitch is also called Lover’s Knot, Knot Stitch, Solomon’s Knot. Seed beads add the sparkle but this lithe, airy cord is striking even without them. Lariat-style necklaces can be worn multiple ways. The adjustable “lasso” clasp tends to give an elegantly casual look when worn in the front. It can also be worn with the clasp in the back like a traditional necklace.

Finished Lengthapproximately 32” (approx. 81 cm.). Made with thicker yarns, this versatile cord would make a great tie belt, hairband, or drawstring handle for a purse. 

After following this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet the classic Love Knot
  • How to choose a yarn or thread wisely so that Love Knots look their best as jewelry
  • How to embellish Love Knots  


  • Crochet hook: Size D/3/3.25mm 
  • Yarns used: For the blue Lariat, a smooth textured sport weight hemp twine such as the type often found in bead shops: 1 ball of variegated blue. For the gray Lariat with pendant, Berroco Latitude (48% Cotton, 48% Rayon, 4% other fiber; 1.75 oz/50g, 109 yd/100m): 1 ball #5670 Grey Gardens. To substitute yarn for this project: some yarns and threads are too slippery or silky so that the Love Knots loosen over time. I prefer one that is also not too limp or drapey so that the Love Knots stay open and lacy looking. Many natural fiber cords intended for jewelry making work well. Some #2 Light Weight (sport, light DK) cotton or linen crochet yarns also work well.
  • Beads: “E” Beads (large seed beads, size 6/0 or 5/0), approximately 150; if you plan to make a longer lariat, you will need 10 more beads for every additional 3”. 
  • Pendant (optional): pictured pendant is “Enchanted Planet Shell Pendant” from Blue Moon Beads (, UPC 7-6643514294-3, BM14294 PNDT SHL DECAL DSN NVY); I purchased mine in my local Michaels craft store.
  • Optional: bead stringing needle

This pattern was first described in Crochet Inspirations Newsletter #32. The instructions for this Sparkle Love Knot Lariat crochet pattern are complete and have been professionally tech edited. The pattern bogged down at the publishing stage merely because I couldn't stop imagining more variations for this design. So, here is the $1.99 version of what would otherwise be a pricier booklet-size collection of fancy cord making!

  • Skill Level: Easy Intermediate
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