'Satin Pillows' Crochet Stitch Necklace

The 'Satin Pillows' crochet stitch used in this pattern shows off strands of chunky, irregular beads. Fine thread crochet creates a fashion necklace.
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  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

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This design should come in handy for the medium-sized beads most of us can’t resist buying but which get buried in our bead stashes because they’re too unusual for standard stringing and crocheting.

For jewelry making, my Satin Pillow Stitch is my favorite alternative to the classic Irish Clones Knot crochet stitch. An alternative is important because I’ve noticed that crocheters are all over the map on the Clones Knot stitch (Some have never heard of it, and others have tried it but aren’t sure they’re doing it right.)

This stitch is a type of half double puffs that I developed for this design, so it should be more familiar and perhaps a more comfortable way to crochet exciting jewelry. It is for me. I like how the stitches look like diamond-shaped tiles, or like satiny pillows. It’s a valuable stitch for jewelry crocheters to know.

After completing this project, you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet a valuable jeweler’s alternative to Clones Knots
  • How to crochet-as-you-go an easy metal-free adjustable and “locking” necklace clasp

Finished Dimensions: Pattern is for a beaded strand of any length (dependent on the number of beads available; necklace pictured has 48 beads and is 25-inch/64cm. long, with a simple adjustable necklace clasp that can shorten necklace to any length, and extend length up to 34 inches/86cm.

Supplies: Yarn used for pictured projects: For abalone version, Coats Opera size 10 thread (100% Cotton, 1.75oz/50g, 251yds/230m per ball), 1 ball color Sage. For pearl version, 1 ball off-white.  Substituting other yarns: Any size #10 cotton crochet thread in any size ball can be used.

Steel Crochet Hook: size 1.50mm

Beads: abalone beads pictured are irregularly-shaped chips averaging five-eighths of an inch (8mm) across. The bead holes are not centered; 48 were used. The pearls are also 8mm in diameter.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate because of stitch
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