Lotus Snack: Mini Ball of Lotus Yarn in Lustrous Tan

DesigningVashti Lotus Snack "mini ball" of crochet yarn in a creamy Lustrous Tan color. Each mini ball is one-third the size of a large Lotus ball: 85 yds/77.7 m per 1.16 oz/33g. The designer's choice yarn of Doris Chan and Vashti Braha.
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  • Item #: LYSnackTan
  • Manufacturer: DV Mill #1

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This is the same versatile DesigningVashti Lotus yarn in a smaller amount: one-third the size of a full ball. See the Lotus Snacks main page to compare its size and for more details about this exclusive designer's choice yarn.

Lotus Snacks are Hook Ready™. The starting yarn end of its center-pull "cake" ball is attached to the yarn label and waiting for you. It's wound to sit flat next to you while you crochet (no more rolling onto the floor). Ships in its own clear protective bag that doubles as a portable project bag. Just add crochet hook and crocheter and go!

About This Lustrous Tan Color

Lustrous Tan is a classic camel color except it glistens. It's a rich, medium-range neutral. Slightly warmer-toned than a taupe, and slightly cooler than a light nut brown.

Lustrous Tan combines beautifully with its neutral siblings like Dark Roast, Carbonite, and Pearly Pearl. It adds classic patina to many of the jewel tones, like Teal Glimmer, Emerald Deep, Rose Red, Grenadine, and Purple Glow. These in turn give Lustrous Tan a modern air. (Some of these vivid combinations may need to be tested for colorfastness, or spot-cleaned.) 

Some ideas for Lotus Snacks in Lustrous Tan

  • See our new Lotus Pattern Gallery for ideas.
  • Star stitches would show up beatifully in this color. Use for a stripe of the Starpath Scarf pattern. (The pattern page has details on the amount of yarn per stripe.)
  • Combine with other amounts of Lotus for tapestry crochet and to add stripes and other color work accents. (See Vashti's newsletter issue #16, "Flavor Burst Crochet" for inspiration.) 
  • Make several Color Chips and Candied Charms to use as jewelry gifts or as dangly embellishments on scarf ends and other accessories. (Vashti's newsletter issue #56 is about other uses of the Color Chips idea.) Use instead of black for the necklace chain.
  • Crochet it with two strands of it held together for the Tiki Wristbrace and other crochet jewelry patterns that call for medium weight ("worsted weight") yarns.
  • Small accessories: Headbands, small bags and pouches, belts, etc.

Especially with jewelry, bags, belts, and kitchen projects, Lotus Yarn works great in a tighter gauge, such as a US E-4 (3.50 mm) crochet hook. For example, Vashti successfully substituted Lotus colors for her Aran Rozsanas Wristcuff pattern. 

Need advice about substituting Lotus for a specific crochet pattern? Visit our helpful forums in Ravelry: Doris Chan CrochetVashti's Crochet Lounge.
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