Electra Wrap: Love Knot "Delta Lace" Crochet Mesh

Elegant, weightless Electra Wrap of Love Knots (aka Solomons Knots) in a "Delta Lace" type of mesh pattern.
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  • Item #: 0123-WU41712L
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

I crocheted together two strands of fine celestial yarns to create this starry cloud of lover’s knot (Solomon’s knot) lace, all in one piece–no reattaching of yarn required for the picot edging.

It’s reversible and warm because the bubble-like stitches form a light-weight web of air pockets.

The original inspiration was a sequined Italian yarn called Crystal. Fun fact: crocheting it with a strand of fine mohair makes both yarns easier to use! See yarn substitution tips on page 2 of the pattern for many other types of yarn to try.

This love knot crochet pattern is updated with a stitch diagram and more. The original edition appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet magazine. I consider a stitch diagram essential. Optical illusions are built into this design: without a diagram, the stitch pattern is counterintuitive for some crocheters at first. Also, love knots serve as their own foundation chains and turning chains in this pattern. The yarns used contribute yet another (heavenly) illusion. 

Love knots are traditionally used to make a lacy square-holed net instead of this triangle-holed (a.k.a. "Delta lace") version. Please see issue #62 of my Crochet Inspirations Newsletter about this flower-like hexagonal lace structure.

Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate. The pattern may start off challenging for you until you get used to the optical illusions of this design! Instructions and links for how to crochet the love knot stitch are provided on page 3. I have written this pattern with few abbreviations. UK and Australian equivalents for American pattern terms are in brackets { }. 

After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn't already): 

  • How to crochet love knots (a.k.a. lover’s knot, Solomon’s knot, knot stitch)
  • How to understand the visual illusion of this starry “delta lace” type of love knot mesh.
  • How to reinforce their joining knots for this type of lace pattern.
  • How to finish the edges with picot love knots.
  • How to enjoy crocheting with fine mohair, and those tempting specialty yarns that have sequins and other notoriously tricky textures!

Finished Dimensions: 

18" {16.46 m} wide and 61" {55.78 m} long.


  • Crochet hook: US H/8 (5 mm). Adjust hook size if necessary, see Gauge information below.
  • A stitch marker or two might come in handy.
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends.
  • Yarns used for the project shown: 

S. Charles Collezione Crystal (85% polyester, 15% cotton; 144 yd {131 m} per .88 oz {25 g}; CYC “#0 Lace Weight”): color #11, 3 skeins.

S. Charles Collezione Luna (71% super kid mohair, 20% silk, 9% lurex; 232 yd {212.5 m} per .88 oz {25 g}; CYC “#0 Lace Weight”): color #25, 2 skeins.

Substituting yarns:  Choose a “#0 Lace Weight” or “#1 Super Fine Weight” yarn if you wish to crochet Electra with two strands held together. (The #0 weight category encompasses a range of yarn sizes, and mohair can make a #0 yarn appear to be a thicker #1 or #2.) Try pairing yarns that have recommended hook size ranges of 1.5 mm to 3.25 mm. 

If a yarn has mohair, sequins, or other fancy bumps like beads, crocheting two strands of it held together will neutralize its uneven textures. This makes it much more enjoyable to crochet with. Isn't that a fun solution? I also find that love knots are much easier to rip out than other stitches, even when I use a mohair yarn.

To crochet this pattern with only one strand of a yarn, look for a “#3 Light Weight” (DK or light worsted weight) yarn. 

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