Crochet KIT DEAL! All Colors of Lotus Yarn with Pattern Set

Lotus Yarn Color Chips Crochet Kit
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  • Manufacturer: DV Mill #1

This fun little yarn sample & pattern kit ships FREE to USA addresses* – a savings of almost 50%. (Purchasing the pattern and yarn samples separately would total $5.50.)

*Contact me to order more than 3 kits at a time, and for shipping to non-USA . 

Kit includes:

- Downloadable crochet pattern set with a variety of small jewelry charms and mounts for wearing as jewelry, or for using as a color combining aid for planning crochet projects. (Pattern set is $2.99 when purchased separately.)

- Slightly over 36" of each of 18 colors of Lotus, plus over 108" of black ("Black Gleam" Lotus): long enough to yield one set of nineteen chips (one shape of every color). You can use these chip patterns with many other yarns besides Lotus. (Yarn sample set is $2.50 when purchased separately.)

Please note that kit does not include crochet hooks and scissors.

The idea for this kit came about as a way to make the most of short colorful yarn pieces. I knew I wanted to be able to send out “snips” of every color of my new Lotus yarn. No online photos of yarn can capture what it’s like to hold it in your hands! Why not be able to make something with them that would be easy to use, organize neatly, and wear?  Please see issue #56 of Crochet Inspirations Newsletter for more.

Skill Level: Projects Range from Easy to Intermediate.

UK and Australian equivalents for American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are in brackets { }. This pattern set uses few abbreviations.

After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn't already): 

  • How to “slip” a loop for a smooth join that uses less yarn than a slip stitch does.
  • How to crochet a lean picot that uses very little yarn to add definition to corners.
  • How to identify the “bump” strand of each chain stitch.

Finished Dimensions of Projects Shown (Blocked)

  • Necklace Chipchain: approx. 21" {53.34 cm} long.
  • Bracelet Chipchain: 7.5” {19 cm} long; easy to customize fit. 

Four Color Chips, hung: 

  1. Rainbow Plankton: 3.5” {8.9 cm} long X .4” {1 cm} wide
  2. Color Poptabs: 1” {2.54 cm} long X 1.2” {3.05 cm} wide
  3. Posy Buttons: 1” {2.54 cm} diameter
  4. Chimes: 1.5” {3.05 cm} long X .25” {.64 cm} wide

Materials Needed

Note: The kit yarn is shown in all images and is listed below. I’ve also included information for substituting other yarns.

Crochet Hook: Sizes D/US3 {3.25 mm} and E/US4 {3.50 mm} or size desired. Gauge is not important for this project. The next smaller size, C/US2 {3.00 mm or 2.75 mm} I was used for weaving in yarn ends that were too short for a yarn needle.
Yarn Lotus (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon; 256yds/235m per 3.5oz/100g ball), over 36” {91.44 cm} per color chip, plus approx. 3 yd. {2.74 m} of Black Gleam for mounting. A complete set of chips is 19 colors (or 18 chips strung onto a 19th color, black). 

Substituting a yarn: To use the crochet hook sizes above, choose a #2 Fine Weight yarn with a recommended crochet hook size range of US4/E/3.5mm to US6/G/4.0mm. These yarns may also be referred to as Sport or Heavy Sock {Light DK, 5-Ply}. If you substitute thinner or thicker yarns, use crochet hook sizes in ranges appropriate for the yarns.

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