Buffalo Knot Crochet Belt: Simple Lover's Knot Variation

A fast easy crochet belt. How to crochet love knots (Lover's Knot, Knot stitch, Solomon's Knot) in a new way. Make your own beaded hippie tie belt.
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  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

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About Buffalo Knot Belt: 

This quick crochet belt pattern for the hippie in (most) all of us uses abeefier Love Knot variation that I developed (although surely someone else has before me). Crocheting these “Buffalo Knots” with two strands of medium weight cotton yarn held together gives them even more heft than Love Knots usually have.

Whether or not you already know how to make Love Knots (a.k.a. Lover’s Knot, Solomon’s Knot, Knot Stitch), this Buffalo version is a pleasure to make, and a handy addition to a crocheter’s toolbox.

The tie belt pattern is very simple. You work one row and you’re done: no foundation chain is needed. If you add wood beads, you can avoid weaving in the yarn ends. It’s easy to customize the length of your belt.

Skill Level: Easy Intermediate. Love Knots are considered by some crocheters to be an Intermediate-level stitch because they require a different kind of hand-eye coordination to make each stitch evenly. Please don’t be intimidated by this; it’s a fun stitch to know! Resist the temptation to expect perfect Buffalo Knots for this folksy boho belt and you’ll be fine.

Pattern is written without stitch abbreviations for practicing pattern readers. UK and Australian equivalents to American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are provided in brackets.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet classic Love Knot stitches, plus my “Buffalo” variation.
  • How to choose a yarn so that these knot stitches look their best.

Finished Dimensions 
Belt shown is 43” {109 cm} long worn doubled around a standard size Small waist. Length of Buffalo Knot Belt is provided as a helpful guideline only. Add approximately 5” {12 cm} more for each larger size if you’re not trying it on as you go.

Yarn: Choose a yarn that’s not too slippery or silky so that the Buffalo Knots don’t loosen with time. 
Optional: Medium to Large wood beads, 0.5”-1.25” {1.5mm-3.25mm}, approximately 10.

  • Special Technique: Love Knots (Solomon's Knots)
  • Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate
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